Monday, November 6, 2006

November 7, 2006



 Hi everybody.

"And the beat goes on......................"

VOTE! Please take the time and VOTE today, and urge all your friends, family and neighbors to vote too. Whichever side you are on - this is a critically important election.

And let's all pray there are no irregularities or alleged fraud, or any kind of disaster with the voting machines that would call any election into question, nor any stories about dirty tricks by either side. Democracy can't afford to go through those scenarios.

Predicting what will happen is a risky enterprise. People don't tell pollsters the truth about how they will vote, or even if they will vote. If you pick wrong, then you've have no credibility (at least until the next election, because people have very short memories). If you're right, then you probably just got lucky (and those short memories will mean no one remembers that you were right anyway).

That said, I've been following this really closely. Here's what I think will happen:

The new Congress will be:

House of Representatives:
Democrats: 231
Republicans: 204

Democrats: 49
Republicans 51

(this could flip flop the other way)

Finally, let's hope after tomorrow, whoever wins - there is some movement towards acting like we're all in this thing together; that we are, after all, people that care about the country.

Vote and Don't Quit!