Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Post Election Action Needed

"And the beat goes on................"

Tuesday is the election. Hopefully, candidates who support the arts across the country will win.
And on Wednesday, there is something important you can do to advance our cause.

Whoever wins, whoever you supported, please take the time to send a written letter to the victorious candidate’s transition team, and tell them who you would like to see nominated as the new Chair of the NEA.

Nominate whomever you like – hopefully someone with nonprofit arts experience, familiarity with our issues, and vision for what our field needs. Nominate yourself if you like. I would suggest sending no more than two names, and include with each a brief (perhaps three or four sentence) background on who your nominee is (title, organizational affiliation etc.), and why that person would make a good choice (visionary, experience, effective leader – etc.)

End the letter with some statement to the effect that this is a very important appointment to you, and the people in your community.

Address the letter as follows:

If Obama is victorious – send the letter to:
John Podesta
Obama Transition Team
c/o Senator Barack Obama
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

If McCain is victorious – send the letter to:
William Timmons
McCain Transition Team
c/o Senator John McCain
United States Senate
Washington, D.C 20510

AND send a copy of your letter to YOUR Senator and YOUR Congressperson. And include a note (can be handwritten on your copy) that your would like your Senator / Congressperson to actively promote your nominee(s).

Look up the address for your representatives here:

If the winning candidate’s Transition Team were to get hundreds of letters nominating exemplary people in our field, it would send a strong signal that this is an important appointment, and that the arts sector is watching closely. It would provide the Transition Team with a list of leaders in our field from which to start in their consideration for the NEA appointment. And it would put scores of Senators and Congresspeople on notice that this is a key appointment. That would be an extremely effective message that might then help to put the arts (and NEA funding) on the new administration’s radar screen, position our sector for the next term, and help in securing an appointment of someone from our field.

Please take the time to send this letter off first thing Wednesday morning. And pass this message on to as many people as you can. Take control of our future.

Thank you.

BTW - I will be conducting a Workshop on the ABC's of Effective Non Profit Advocacy and Lobbying on December 9th at Compasspoint in San Francisco from 9:00 am to noon. With new elected officials at all levels coupled with the current economic crisis, it is more important than ever that we know how to lobby. Please pass the word to your colleagues and constituents.

ADDENDUM - MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd - 11:00 am Pacific Time
I've been asked if I would again make my political predictions for tomorrow's election. I had good luck in 2006 and called the Dems gains in the House & Senate within two seats. I probably shouldn't push my luck - and rest on my laurels, but no risk, no reward - so here is how I see it for tomorrow. Don't shoot me if this is wrong.

I see Obama winning relatively big. I see the Dems picking up 24 to 26 House seats and 7 Senate seats.

Whomever you support - please vote.

Don't Quit.