Monday, February 13, 2012

Addendum to Craig Watson Interview

Good morning.
"And the beat goes on................."

This additional info from Craig Watson about the CAC's campaign to sell one million arts vanity license plates:

"The Arts Council is creating a campaign that can realistically aim towards the million plates goal.  We have an incredible list of high-visibility "ambassadors" endorsing and appearing in our campaign, including, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Quincy Jones, Jack Black, Wolfgang Puck, Steve Martin, David Geffen, Eli Broad, Annette Bening, Maria Shiver, Edget, Ozomatli, Tim Robbins and Alice Waters.  The campaign will be fully revealed in March using a variety of media platforms, including digital billboards (in a huge donation from the media company, Clear Channel), bus shelter signage, social media, radio and television.  Much of this donated by companies committed to our cause. We are right now developing unique ordering systems that will allow easier ordering of the plates or the giving of the plate as a gift to clients, friends and family."

This is an impressive list of endorsers and just the kind of thing I love to see.  Congratulations to Craig and the CAC and best of luck with this campaign.

Have a good week.
Don't Quit.