Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year and Thank You

Good morning.
"And the beat goes on……………….."

As I wish all of you a safe, sane, successful and joyous, healthy, prosperous new year, I want to extend my deepest appreciation for your continued support and kind and gracious feedback.

This has been a very good year for my blog.  Subscribers are up, independent page hits are up and readership is up.  The interviews posted here over the past year have garnered increased readership, the annual Top Fifty Most Powerful and Influential list and the annual What I Have Learned Blog compendium of advice and counsel from lessons learned have both continued to hit new highs, and the blogathons and guest conference reports are up as well.  And the Dinner-Vention 2 posts have had an even wider readership than last year.

Thank you all.

I've come to the conclusion that making year end predictions is beyond risky; it borders on folly.  Two polar opposite phenomenon are at play.  One: things change so quickly and so dramatically today, that it's virtually impossible to know what will happen; and Two: even with that accelerated change, in many ways, things hardly change at all.

If I were to hazard one guess at 2015, it would be that we are likely to see the floodgates begin to open on the exodus of the baby boomers from the leadership positions in the nonprofit arts, and that exiting is  likely to grow substantially over the next five years.  And that transition will have profound implications and impact for, and on, our field.

I'll be back after the first with new interviews, new blogathons this Spring and some new features.  I hope for your continued support and that you will perhaps even help me to increase the subscriber base further by recommending the blog to your colleagues and friends.

Don't Quit