Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Links

Good morning.
"And the beat goes on......................................"

Random Links - some fun, some serious:

1. Ten Things Your Co-Workers Won't Tell You

2. Millennials and technology devices.   Everybody's got a cell phone, and lots of Americans have other devices - but the Millennials have more laptops than home computers and more of almost all the other devices too. 

3. Form and Function.  I'm not sure what this is, but I love the site design and if you click on any of the boxes it takes you to a story. 

4.  The Economist Magazine 2012 Conference on Innovation.  The arts ought to be at conferences like this one.  In fact we ought to be at this one.

5.  Census results.  No surprise here - Hispanics surpass African Americans in most urban metro areas. Implications for us?

6.  Ten signs it's time to quit your job.  Time to move on? 

7.  A new online magazine on Cultural Policy.  Free download. 

8.  And another one here:  International Journal of Cultural Policy.

9.  And here's a compendium on European Cultural Policy Trends.

10.  And speaking of cultural policy - here's some links to U.S. University Cultural Policy programs.  We need to establish more direct links between academia and arts administrators.  Why aren't more of these people at our conferences?  Why isn't there a conference of all the cultural policy center wonks?
Have a great week.

Don't Quit.